Stone Soup Concrete Builds Strong Community Ties in Easthampton, MA

Concrete is an essential part of our world. Fusing metal with stone and structural strength with a tactile softness, the concrete made at Stone Soup Concrete cements disparate elements into fully human and humane designs.

Stone Soup Concrete strongly believes in the people of Easthampton, and has provided a strong foundation for its community since day one. From constant fund-raisers for folks having a hard time, to driving trucks full of clothes or tools for hurricane victims, to donating countertops to the local park, to hosting Habitat For Humanity events, Stone Soup always goes the extra mile for locals.

"In return we receive friendly waves as we drive our trucks through town, and warm handshakes when we walk to town for lunch," says Mike Paulsen, co-founder of Stone Soup Concrete"We buy most of our ingredients locally and employ all local folks."

Stone Soup provides full design services including 3D modeling and concrete color matching to any object or color swatch. "We make anything out of concrete that is highly refined or colored including Counters, Bathtubs, Fireplace Surrounds, Planters, Art pieces, and Architectural features," says Paulsen "We also do epoxy and concrete overlays for floors and walls."

The name "Stone Soup" has an interesting history. "We chose the name Stone Soup for a number of reasons," admits Paulsen "The two primary reasons for the name are that concrete is actually stone soup when you are mixing it, and we love the old story about how an entire community comes together to create 'stone soup,' which turns into a delicious soup as one villager after another contributes to the soup with a carrot or cabbage."

"When my first baby girl was born I made the push into full-time precast concrete production,"says Paulsen. In 2010 Greg Bossie joined the team and the two have been co-owning Stone Soup Concrete ever since. "My business partner and friend Greg Bossie joined in, bringing with him a West Coast knowledge of concrete, a degree in Architecture, and a wealth of energy."says Paulsen.

Stone Soup's skilled crew has been teaching concrete mixing for over a decade at their shop, The Heartwood School in Washington, MA, and Yestermorrow Design Build School in Warren, VT.

"We find that teaching our craft is not only greatly rewarding but it allows us to hone our skills," offers Paulsen"Our classes always garner high praise from our students who keep in touch for many years."

Through teaching the craft they love and giving back to the community, Stone Soup Concrete has built a sound foundation for Easthampton.

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