Tasty Plates Catering and Event Planning Offers Gourmet Catering and BBQ

Owner Kate Perry describes Tasty Plates as small-batch catering with a twist. The broad catering menu includes everything from gourmet catering to BBQ. They can accommodate most requests as well. Chef Chris Thompson, who is also Perry's partner, is a talented chef who has mastered many styles of cooking. They do have a preference for menus that incorporate farm fresh foods as well as local meats and seafood.

After opening Tasty Plates Catering and Event Planning, the owner's quickly discovered the need for a full time kitchen. This became the Backstrap BBQ, which opened in 2010 and has come to be regarded by many as the best BBQ in the northeast. The gourmet catering and BBQ serves Boston as well as the North South Shores, Cape Cod and the Metro West area. What sets Tasty Plates apart is the customer service.

"Since we cater on a smaller scale, we really get to know our clients well," Perry said. "It's nice to have clients come in days/month/years after their wedding and be greeted by hugs and BABIES! I would say our fun, friendly & upbeat approach really works well with clients these days."

Clients would argue that the food also sets Tasty Plates apart from the competition. Chef Chris produces memorable creations such as cornbread and chorizo stuffed clams, grilled shrimp with peach basil relish, and a whole grill smoked chicken with a special bbq sauce. Appetizers can be served from a bar or passed around and include raw bars, meze, seasonal fruits and cheese, and skewers. Entrees include seafood, meats, chicken, whole smoked pig and taco bars.

Perry is known not only for the delicious food produced by Tasty Plates and Backstrap, but also for her event planning skills. Weddings are her forte and and she takes a great deal of time to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Bridal couples appreciate her reliability and she in turn thoroughly enjoys weddings.

"Being able to make a stress free wedding is my goal and my clients always talk about how they feel like they are in the best hands possible," Perry said. "They always laugh that 'I have an answer for everything!'"

While weddings are Perry's favorite event, she's just as good at planning other events, from fundraisers to engagements to rehearsal parties. It helps that Tasty Plates has a list of preferred vendors for everything from photography to cakes to balloons. The preferred venues list includes delightful locations like a multicultural arts center, an Audubon habitat, a yacht club and gracious estates and homes.

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