The Action Athletics Gym Is A Ninja Mecca

What kid, or adult for that matter, wouldn't love to be a ninja? Thanks to the popularity of the TV show American Ninja Warrior, the Action Athletics gym in Wellesley, Massachusetts has become something of a ninja mecca, with many members and staff auditioning and qualifying for the show. Owner Nate Brosey has reached the finals twice.

In essence, it's all about training people of all ages to become better athletes.

"Our specialty is in overcoming obstacles," Brosey said. "Whether preparing for a mud run, obstacle race, or American Ninja Warrior, our coaches are dedicated to not only teaching our clients how to rise above any challenge, but are invested in them every step of the way. It is a total team effort that achieves the amazing things we've been fortunate enough to accomplish."

Overcoming obstacles has a metaphysical meaning as well, and Brosey believes that it builds character and makes one a better human being. In practical terms, the gym provides training and obstacle courses for events like the Spartan Trifectas, triathlons and half marathons as well as the National Ninja League championships.

Obstacles are inspired by the American Ninja Warrior show and include Warped Walls, the Double Salmon Ladder, Cliffhanger, the Doorknob Grasper, Cannonball Alley, and more. There are special classes for kids ages 6-13. These focus on the basics, such as agility, balance, coordination and swing. For all ages, obstacles and training are constantly changed and 'leveled up' to prepare athletes for any challenges they may meet.

The atmosphere is challenging as well as nurturing, and the result is a positive environment that reflects the attitude of the Ninja Warrior community.

"Nobody goes it alone," Brosey said. "We take eager, young students and give them all the skills they need to become a ninja. We genuinely care about every athlete, every performance, and every experience."

Overcoming obstacles together also builds team spirit, which is why Brosey feels that people should host parties and events at the gym.

"There is nothing like overcoming obstacles together, and our staff helps to facilitate a truly unique set of challenges for every occasion," he said. "From kid's birthday parties to corporate events, team building, and even bachelor parties, we customize obstacles for any skill level, any age, and any goal in order to provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience! Furthermore, what really sets us apart is that our events are often staffed by real American Ninja Warrior competitors or athletes who have tested the American Ninja Warrior course and are heavily involved in the ninja community."

Brosey and his staff love working at Action Athletics, finding it rewarding to help adults and kids to achieve what they never thought possible.

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