The Go-To FAQ on Patios and Paver Walkways: An Interview with Peter Masci of Masci Landscape & Design, Inc.

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Masci Landscape & Design Inc. is a full service landscape company out of Franklin, MA. We mostly service South Eastern and Central MA. I started the company after graduating from Sothern New Hampshire University (Bachelor of Science - Business Administration) and having several years of experience in both corporate America and the landscape/construction industry. We offer several services all four seasons of the year and have a business mix of both Commercial and Residential accounts. We have the resources and relationships in the industry to provide other services up to or including engineering if needed. We work individually with each account to specifically service their needs, wants and budgets. We maintain the highest level of professionalism and take pride in our work and reputation. Over the years Masci Landscape & Design, Inc. has grown at a steady rate and we look forward to future growth and opportunities. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectations while offering a superior service at a fair market price.

How should homeowners start a new patio or paver walkway project?

A homeowner should start any new hardscape project by discussing and identifying their needs, wants and budget. A good landscaper should be able to help them through this entire process and present them with available options for them to choose from. For example, when planning a patio some questions may be. What is the main function of your new patio? Will you be entertaining guests often? Would you like a sit down eating area? A fire pit? Will you be cooking on the patio? These questions will help you and your landscaper put in to perspective the size and features you want. There are several ways we can work your needs and wants in to your budget. The homeowner shouldn't feel pressure to create the exact scope of work for the landscaper. The landscape company should be able to work together with the homeowner as it can be a positive creative experience which both parties are excited about.

Can you briefly explain how to create the best design for a specific property?

After getting an understanding of the functionality of the new hardscape you want to make sure it will look good, fit in and add value to the overall property. It is important that the design of the hardscape compliments the home and the current landscape. This can be achieved several ways. Some of which are soft lines and curves to accent the home, pool, driveway, garage, etc. Always remember to consider plantings around the walkways and patio, as they can be key to pulling the entire landscape together. Incorporating similar color palettes and textures from the property is always a good practice as well. Always take in to account drainage and the slope of the property. Often when installing a patio next to the house there are down spouts. These can be easily addressed and/or run under the new patio if identified before the project begins. In addition, a homeowner may consider "stages." The hardscape can be designed so that the homeowner can seamlessly add more square footage, electrical lines or features in the future as their budgets or needs may expand. Again, this is always very beneficial when discussed in the beginning of the project.

What are some of the most popular walkway and patio features/materials for homeowners?

Some of the most popular walkway and patio features consist of stairs, fire pits, sitting walls, built in grills and lighting. The most popular materials are wall block, patio and walkway pavers. There are several manufactures each having their own line, features and price points.

How long does the installation typically take?

The time frame to complete an installation really does depend on several things. Site preparation, size, features and accessibility are the major factors to consider. As a somewhat guideline is 2-3 days on a walkway and 5-7 days on a patio. Again, this really does depend on the scope of work and the ability of the company you are working with.

Do you have any maintenance tips to help people keep their walkways and patios in great condition?

After completion of the walkway or patio there are some tips you can do to keep up the condition. Always maintain the polymeric sand between the pavers/bricks. As time goes on this can weather and breakdown. As a result of the break down you may get some weed growth which can continue to damage the hardscape. To address this, it is inexpensive and a landscaper should be able to easily remove the weeds and install more polymeric sand as needed. The paver manufactures also have recommendations for their products lines such as sealers and cleaners. Some sealers may give the hardscape a little different look or sheen so it is a best practice to consult your local distributor or landscaper. Lastly, identify what is recommended for melting ice in the winter. Salt can damage and weather pavers/bricks. The manufacture may recommend non salt ice melt or sand only. This can vary depending on the materials used.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Additional information for Masci Landscape & Design, Inc. can be seen at our web site or please feel free to contact us on our Office line at (508) 440-5353. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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