The Role Of A Closing Attorney In Massachusetts

You are nearly done. You found your dream home, your offer was accepted and now you have visions of how you will decorate the place once you're moved in. Your last step is to complete the closing process, and for that you will need to partner with a good real estate attorney to walk you through it. Buying a home is a huge purchase and many things, of the minor and major variety (and everything in between), can impede your path to a smooth closing. A closing attorney will look at all the hurdles and ensure that they are navigated smoothly through, and not just for the buyer, but also for the lender. After all, the seller and the buyer both want the same thing.

What, exactly, does a closing attorney do?

The first thing a closing attorney will do is take a close look at all the documents with a scrutinizing eye, acting as a sort of middle man with the lender to ensure all dates are met the sale is progressing on time. The closing attorney will examine the title, to ensure that everything is clear and the title is ready to be sold. It is important that a closing attorney looks over all documents to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for both the buyer and the seller. A closing attorney is there to protect both the buyer and the seller, since the seller will obviously want to have everything in order as they are trying to sell their house.

Is a closing attorney necessary?

Massachusetts law requires that an attorney preside over a residential property closing. You certainly don't want to delay the process more than it needs to be, and you certainly don't want to not have all your papers in order. The closing attorney can act as an intermediary that ensures that everything is done in a way that benefits both the lender and the buyer. After all, he or she is there to ensure that everything goes smoothly for both of you. A closing attorney can save everyone involved in the process a lot of money and grief.

There are several advantages to having a closing attorney. They certainly include that someone will look over the title and ensure that the house is ready to be sold. A closing attorney is there to negotiate any changes that need to be made and they are there to ensure that you understand the exact terms of all your documents, including your mortgage financing document. Other important things that they will do is ensure that there are no back taxes owed in the property and address any problem that may come up.

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