Top 5 Best Places to Live on Cape Cod

Finding the perfect place to live on Cape Cod can be a challenging process. If you're a working adult with no reasonable hope of retiring any time soon, you probably want to live somewhere close to your place of work to conserve on time and gas. If you're the mother of 3 small children, then you probably want to live somewhere close to decent schools and parks or fun activities for families. If you're retired, chances are you want peace and quiet without a lot of traffic. Ultimately, finding the best place to live on Cape Cod all depends on what you're looking for!

For Families with Children

Brewster is a nice town in Cape Cod with good schools which make this a prime location for families with school age children. Brewster is not only home to many beaches and state parks that the children can enjoy, there are also libraries and educational museums where children can learn history and important facts about the area in which they live. Home prices are slightly higher here than in certain other parts of the Cape but generally remain affordable for most parents.

For Retirees

Yarmouth is an ideal area for retirees looking to live on the Cape. Located in the Mid-Cape, Yarmouth is a close drive to the Lower Cape but homelike without all the traffic that is seen in more heavily populated areas. Three villages make up a total of 17 square miles of Yarmouth featuring various senior home services and accommodations to assist retirees in maintaining independent living. The area is relatively safe and comfortable to live in and there are a number of golf courses for recreational activity.

For Outdoor Living

Residents who enjoy and appreciate the outdoors can find great solace in Nantucket. Here, the economy mostly thrives on tourism but it's a great place for residents who wish to spend time outdoors. The island features 50 square miles of natural beauty including a pristine seaside, miles of bike paths and many seasonal events to keep residents (and visitors) having fun. Nantucket is one of the best places to live on Cape Cod if you're ready to spend some time enjoying the natural beauty of the Cape.

For Low Property Taxes

Real estate taxes on Dennis are lower than most of the other Cape Cod towns and rather significantly at that! For affordable living that is relatively close to the epicenter of the Cape, Dennis is one of the best places to live. Various cultural programs exist in Dennis and the area is relatively set back from the major tourism central zones which mean that prices tend to be more affordable than they are a short drive away in Hyannis.

For Convenience to Boston

Falmouth is the ideal place to live on Cape Cod if you're looking for a prime location that is convenient to Boston but still on the island. Boston is about an hour away from Falmouth and Martha's Vineyard is close too. The town is surrounded by water so you get the best of both worlds, close proximity to the major city but laid back, island lifestyle of living on the Cape.

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