Transform Your Yard with Hardscaping: An Interview with James Shea of Misty Hill Landscape Design, LTD.

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Misty Hill Landscape Design is a family owned and operated company, that's been serving the cape since 1975. Our services include everything from designing, planning, installing and maintaining your outdoor living space.

Our specialties include:
Irrigation- service and installation done by IA(Irrigation Association) certified technicians.
Conservation Permitting.
Patio and Walkway installations- Bluestone, travertine, brick and pavers.

What are some of the most popular outdoor hardscapes for most homes?

Lately the most popular hardsacpe projects that we've been doing have included, Pre-engineered retaining walls. Patio's expand living space outdoors and give nice comfortable place to gather and entertain friends and family. Firepits are another hardscape feature that is very popular right now and allow for extended use of the new/existing outdoor space. Especially this time of the year where the nights are cool.

What do you think is one of the most important considerations for homeowners who want to install new hardscaping?

Planning! When setting up a new hardscape, you need to look at everything. Drainage, views from windows in the house looking out, plantings, access to utilities(septic), maintenance, and grades- you don't want to build you new feature and not have it line up with doors going in and out of the house. Grades are very important when the project is done it should look like it's been there a while and line up with the other aspects of the yard, not look like it was cut from a magazine and pasted in the yard. Everything should fit and flow with each other.

How do hardscapes help people better utilize their outdoor spaces?

Hardscapes expand your usable living space and can create a 'room' outside, that could be used through multiple seasons. Also they can create spaces that allow you to escape from the house, noise and allow you to relax.

Is there anything about hardscapes that most people don't know that they should know?

The way the hardscape interacts with the surrounding environment needs to be taken into consideration.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

The best way to contact us is either by phone or email. Our Office Phone Number is 508-255-1587 or email is

You can also visit us at or on Facebook.

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