Treat Cupcake Bar: Where Adults Can Play With Their Food and Eat It Too

If any adult were to sit down and take a look back at their childhood, it would most likely be filled with wondrous imagination and playful memories. Playing with our food was a regular occurrence, and something as simple as mashed potatoes and gravy could be seen as a bubbling volcano. Somewhere down the road, adults tend to lose the mentality that life is a playground and are always pressured to act so serious. It is this fact that makes something described as a "deluxe, make-it-yourself cupcake bar" so incredibly attractive. Treat Cupcake Bar in Newton, MA (and another in Needham), perhaps the only one of its kind in the state, is not only a place with delicious cupcakes, but a must-stop for those who love an interactive food experience!

Treat Cupcake Bar

Treat Cupcake Car is a truly unique approach to a cupcake shop. The shop is split into two different concepts: a bakery full of freshly made cupcakes, or their bar where you can make one-of-a-kind creations. At least a dozen flavors are offered daily for those who want to try their delicious premade selections. Some of their most popular cupcakes include "Sprinkle Me Silly" with a confetti cupcake, classic buttercream frosting, and rainbow sprinkles, or "Funky Chunky Oreo" with a chocolate cupcake, a dark chocolate ganache, and Oreo buttercream frosting. Who wouldn't love those? Take a look at both selections below. (gluten-free selections are available as well!)

Adie Sprague, Co-Owner of Treat, elaborated on the popularity of their pre-made cupcakes.
"We make our cafe available for families to enjoy and afternoon or evening out, or for customers to stop in for a dozen or two for the office or upcoming party. The trick is to have a fun assortment of cupcakes. We have upwards of 15 flavors daily, including seasonal specials, as well as fun designs that match pop culture (i.e. Minion cupcakes when Despicable Me came out). People get a kick out of stuff like that."

If you're craving something a bit different, feel free to make your own creation over at the bar. Be warned that it won't as easy as it sounds, with three different cakes and frosting flavors to choose from, and over twenty different toppings. Customers can choose from a gold, chocolate, or marble cake, and classic, chocolate, or cream cheese frosting. Once the frosting flavor is chosen, toppings such as M&M's, nerds, peppermint patties, white chocolate chips, and many more can be piled up on top! The toppings are then folded into the frosting to create an ooey gooey, delectable mess. Take a look at this part of the process below.

Instead of plopping it on top themselves, customers are often given the frosting in a separate dish beside their cake. Although it is a simple notion, this is perhaps the best part about the trip to the shop! Visitors can now go to their table and put as much or as little frosting on top as they want- such a better alternative than simply being handed a cupcake. If there happens to be leftover frosting, you can even eat it by itself.

"The idea was to choose your own cake, frostings, and candy/topping "mix-ins". This concept has developed over the past few years from mix-ins, to serving all three elements separate so customers can decorate their own cupcake, as opposed to just choosing the flavors and us putting it together for them."

Treat is definitely a must-see stop in Newton that cannot be missed. Whether it be a destination for your next birthday celebration, or just a fun Monday afternoon, you are sure to leave feeling like a kid again!

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