Unforgettable Moments Filled with Laughter and Tears Captured by Jen Ing Photography

Jen Ing Photography specializes in documentary and lifestyle photography, with wedding pictures and family portraits that capture the moments that tie together past, present and future. The narrative or photojournalism style is quite different from conventional posed wedding portraits, and focuses on significant moments, expressions and actions. Owner Jennifer Ta came to photography by way of psychology, and it shows in the quality of her work.

She recalls that she didn't always know that she wanted to be a photographer, but her forte was observing and understanding people: "Growing up I had an interest in people and was always quietly observing or asking questions. I naturally gravitated towards a psychology major while in college, and this nurtured my curiosity about human behavior, particularly in social interactions and romantic relationships. The idea of practicing psychology never sounded quite right for me though; I knew I wanted to work with and for people, but how?"

She realized while helping her sister plan her wedding in 2007 that wedding photography was changing and "shifting from the traditional, posed work that I grew up seeing to something much more creative and diverse. Photographers were beginning to incorporate other influences - photojournalism, fine art, editorial - to weddings and really changing the industry. Having grown up creating and appreciating art through various forms, it inspired me to pick up a camera again."

She began by helping and second shooting for other photographers and quickly learned the art. She has been working as a full-time photographer for over five years now, and travels all over New England and beyond for wedding photography and family portraits.

Documentary and lifestyle photography is a narrative art like storytelling, with the subjects of the pictures also being the primary audience. If the pictures are meaningful to them, the work is a success. Ta explains that "I love documentary photography because it means the photography is more personal - I'm photographing people as they are, whether it's together with their partner during an engagement session, on their wedding day, or with their loved ones during a family shoot. If they can look at my photographs and remember how they felt in that moment, then I've done my job."

Since her photographs are so personal, Ta takes the time to find ways to connect with her clients. She likes to incorporate her subjects' interests in the photographs, to "let their true selves shine through." This could mean shooting activities like biking, cooking, spending quiet time at home, or trail walking.

Ta's portfolio is an impressive collection of stories told through photographs, finding the moments and expressions that reveal true selves and their dreams. From settings as diverse as rustic and Cape Cod weddings, family walks in the Arboretum and town hall civil ceremonies, they capture the essence of these moments in life's journey.

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