Walnut Grille Fills a Void for the Vegetarians of Massachusetts

After Siva Kumar made his way to the United States, he quickly realized there was one thing that seemed to be lacking- vegetarian eatery options. As a vegetarian himself, he realized this was a need that required filling and set out to do so. Once he found the perfect location, the Walnut Grille was launched.

In true vegetarian fashion, the Walnut Grille celebrates a seasonal menu, with choices ranging throughout the year, to keep up with the local harvests and fresh ingredients; all of which, are sourced from local farms. In order to complete your meal, they offer pairings of excellent wines and cocktails, specifically blended to accommodate the seasonal menu.

"To someone who is skeptical of vegetarian/vegan cuisine I would say that vegetarian/vegan food can taste just as good as regular food," says Kumar. "Usually it is better for you because of the use of fresh ingredients and more vegetables and fruits." He goes on, explaining the health benefits of opting for a vegetarian diet. "The health benefits are the greater consumption of more nutrients. This often results in lowering most health risks like high blood pressure and cholesterol." He adds, "Also more fiber aids in digestion and weight loss."

In addition to providing a vegetarian option to the area, Kumar has one major goal in mind for the Walnut Grille: to provide quality, healthy, and good tasting food to the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Of course, he does have further goals in mind...which are an exciting twist to the concept of a vegetarian establishment. "We want to offer cooking classes and open another location," he details.

If you're looking to give it a go but have never eaten from a vegetarian menu before, don't fret. Kumar has a recommendation for you. "I would recommend the Gobi Manchurian for a first-time customer," he states. "It is pan fried cauliflower coated with chickpea flour tossed with tangy tomato sauce. It is a crowd pleaser and our most popular item."

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