Yoga To The Tenth: Experience The Unique Power Of Partner-Assisted Yoga

When someone contracts a muscle that they are trying to stretch, it will only stretch to its maximum allowance. To go even further and maximize a stretch in such a way that a person cannot attain on their own, assistance is required. That's where Yoga To The Tenth comes in to lend a hand, a yoga studio in Watertown, Massachusetts that pushes the possibilities of yoga to its utmost possible potentials.

What is ultimately unique about partner-assisted yoga is the assisted utilization of movement and the resistance of those same movements. This aspect allows muscles to stretch in a more scientific and safer way. This increased stretching has several positive effects that many people may not be aware of.

"Over the years, I have developed different series of stretches to deal with particular chronic problems such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, TMJ, just to name a few," Yoga To The Tenth instructor Linda Steinberg said. "I have a very high success rate of alleviating the pain and discomfort of these chronic problems, so I work with people who want an effective and unique stretching experience and people who come to me to solve a chronic muscular/fascial issue."

When muscles experience stress, they need to be stretched out to relieve tension and pain. When people experience stress firsthand, they end up storing this stress in their physical bodies. In this way, stress affects us negatively not only mentally but physically. Through alleviating stress in the physical body, yoga eliminates stress from the mind as well.

Yoga To The Tenth rightfully focuses on the physical aspects of stress first. Only when stress is alleviated in the body can the mind truly flourish. That's why Steinberg practices Hatha yoga, a form of yoga that is specifically geared towards the physical body and has its own poses associated with it. Steinberg has embraced Hatha yoga poses because each pose is connected to a specific body part and organ meridian that might be storing unwanted stress.

Through private one on one instruction with Steinberg, beginners and veterans alike learn a fresh approach to physical and mental wellbeing in a personalized, comfortable environment that is unlike any studio in New England.

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