Your Long Distance Move Made Easy: An Interview with Terry Morin of All-Ways Moving & Storage Co., Inc.

Can you walk through a quick timeline for a long-distance move from the estimate to the final move?

A customer calls the office and an appointment for a free estimate is scheduled, after a visual survey is completed, moving software is used to determine the estimated weight. Depending on the time of year and size of shipment, determines how quickly the shipment can be picked up and what the delivery spread is. The earlier the preparation happens, the better chances are that the necessary dates can be met.

If you were moving, what would you look for in a potential moving company?

It is important to make sure that you are using a reputable company that is licensed, bonded & insured. Also, ask about the mover's- make sure they are long term employees and not hired labor without experience. It is also helpful to ask about the training practices for the mover's to get a feel for the quality of their help.

How accurate are the estimates for long-distance moves? What is guaranteed pricing?

Pricing for long distance moves is done by weight with certified weight tickets. The pricing is based on a 110% rule as required by law. (Not to exceed 10% above the price of the non-binding estimate.)

What type of insurance/guarantee do customers have that all of their belongings will arrive at their new home in the same condition as before?

There are two types of replacement coverage that is available. Standard coverage is $ .60 per item, per lb. This type is included with no additional charge to the customer. The customers also have the opportunity to purchase full replacement coverage. The cost is based on the value of the shipment and the weight.

Do you have any advice to help people make their move as easy as possible?

The more organized a customer can be with their packing & preparation, the safer their products will be for transport. We provide all our customer's with a moving tips guide (attached), to assist them with making their move easier.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Calling or emailing our office is the best way to reach us. Our phone number is (413) 499-1577 or (800) 358-2415. You can also search us on the web to review the full list of services we offer: We can also be found on Facebook.

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