The Clever Hand Gallery Wellesley

In our modern world, many things we buy, as gifts, to wear, or to put in our homes, are made in a industrial “big box” way, and as Ann Schunior from The Clever Hand Gallery says “We get separated from what it feels like to be living with something that is handmade and beautiful.” Luckily, there are still places today where you can find stunning handmade artisan works, to help us reconnect to art in a local sense. 

In business since 1973, The Clever Hand Gallery in Wellesley offers just that. The gallery is an artisans cooperative made up of local New England artists that create quality handmade fine crafts for purchase. Being an artisans cooperative means that the members make up each part of the business, selling their art here and taking turns working shifts at the gallery, which means every time you go there you are bound to meet one of the artists themselves. They also have artists that work on consignment, but all of them are also from New England. 

Ann says that the gallery is important to the greater community because “It allows almost anyone to be having affordable beautiful things in their home or to wear, everyday” and she also comments that the artists themselves get great satisfaction from seeing their work be worn around the community or gifted, as well as receiving great feedback and ideas from other locals for what they could do next. 

Buying local handmade fine crafts is almost like taking a little piece of your community home with you. 

Impossible to pick a favorite, you will find an amazing variety of gifts. Everything from Jewellery, to various styles of pottery, glass work, clothing like scarves and shawls, and much more. The artists will also happily take custom orders for a special gift, for yourself or someone else. They have an awesome online store, and items can be shipped anywhere in continental US! 

Watch the interview to learn more, and be sure to head over to their website or stop into the store to take a look at some of the fine crafts available for purchase.