A Guide to
Home Buying

& Reasons to Avoid
the Traditional Path

The Buyer(s)

Most importantly, you. You and whoever you are buying the home with are the most important people in this process. You will have the best understanding of what you are looking for in a home and will do the best job searching the market and choosing the home(s) you want to put in an offer on. While real estate agents may suggest properties, most buyers find that they are able to stay on top of listings themselves and can much more quickly weed out duds and hone in on winners.

The Lender

Unless you have a lot of cash on hand and play to purchase your home in cash, you will need either a mortgage broker or a lender. A mortgage broker will choose the lender (bank) on your behalf based on what your unique financial situation and mortgage requirements look like. A lender is a banker who can only offer products that their own institution (or partner institutions) offer. However, some times working directly with a lender can enable you to get better rates or realize other benefits.


As we talked about, it's not absolutely necessary to hire and retain a buyer's agent (real estate agent) in this day and age. These days, you can use technology like MassRealty to get all the benefits of a real estate agent, and get a rebate on the other side of the transaction to boot.

Mass Realty

A streamlined, community-driven platform to help you find the home of your dreams and get money back after you close on the purchase.


You will likely need to hire an inspector to come and look at the house after you make an offer to ensure there are no major issues that would affect your decision to purchase. In some markets, you can use inspection issues as a way to negotiate down your purchase price. In other, hotter markets you may need to waive the inspection to put in a competitive offer, but you will likely still want to conduct an informational inspection either before or after the offer, depending on your situation and the property.


Someone will be hired to ensure that the home you are purchasing is deeded to the person who is selling it to you and free and clear of any liens (i.e. does not owe the bank any money, or is not subject to any pending lawsuits or other legal issues.)


A real estate lawyer is necessary to process paperwork at the closing. A service like MassRealty can connect you with a certified real estate lawyer to make this part of the process go as smoothly as possible.

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